Elva Breen provides professional, independent, objective and comprehensive Occupational Therapy and Vocational Rehabilitation Medico-Legal reports for High Court personal injury cases.

Vocational Rehabilitation / Assessment Medico-Legal Reports

This is an objective, comprehensive evaluation of an individual who, due to an injury, health condition or disability, is demonstrating restriction in their functional and occupational capacity for work.

The aim of the vocational assessment is to identify if an individual is fit to return to their former job. During the assessment Elva Breen will assess their functional capacity for their previous employment. If a return to their former job is not possible she will then seek to identify suitable alternative roles supported by analysis of the current labour market with vocational recommendations for a safe and sustainable return to work. Elva Breen will then give evidence in relation to her report in court.

Occupational Therapy Medico-Legal Reports

Occupational Therapy Medico Legal Reports
Elva Breen will visit a client in their home and conduct an objective evaluation of their capacity to perform everyday tasks that include self-care, household and leisure activities and an evaluation of their home environment. A report will then be delivered detailing performance capabilities, identifying necessary aids and appliances, housing adaptations and possible rehabilitation to facilitate performance, independence and safety. Elva Breen will then give evidence in relation to her report in court.